Ride Fire FS03 Saddle

Ride Fire FS03 Saddle

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Quite simply our most developed saddle. Light, beautiful, strong and functional; meet FS03.

FS03 has a modern short-nosed design with adaptive cushioning to relieve pressure on soft tissue, enabling riders to adapt an aerodynamic and / or aggressive position without compromising comfort and support. With FS03 anticipate a more planted feeling in the saddle, reducing sliding movements (and friction) ultimately enabling you to deliver greater power and enjoying a better ride.

FS03 consists of a full carbon base, oversized rails and a soft 3D printed upper. Extremely strong, durable and supportive, FS03 is our most developed saddle and represents the pinnacle of saddle technology providing comfort and cushioning where it matters, and when it matters most.

Base: Full carbon
Rails: Oversized 7mm x 9mm carbon
Padding: 3D printed, soft
Dimensions: 275mm x 159mm
Weight: 199g (± 5%)
Use: Road, Gravel
Warranty: 1 year

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