SRAM GXP BB86 Bottom Bracket

SRAM GXP BB86 Bottom Bracket

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Featuring durable steel cartridge bearings with a sealed design, the SRAM BB86 GXP PressFit Bottom Bracket is specifically designed for 86.5mm shell bottom bracket (BB83) frames.

A variant of the external bottom bracket, this SRAM BB86 GXP PressFit bottom bracket cuts weight and provides easier installation by allowing you to press the bearing cups into the frame instead of threading them. There's no change to the crank - spindle length and diameter remain the same.

GXP: Other systems rely on side-loaded bearings to eliminate play, causing bearing wear. GXP captures the left-side bearing between the spindle and the left crankarm and allows the drive-side bearing to float axially on the spindle. There's no need to side-load bearings during adjustment. No excess wear and much simpler installation. Just tighten to the proper specifications and you're ready to roll, worry-free. GXP's two bicycle-specific cartridge bearings and eight seals ensure a smooth, long-lasting ride. SRAM's Gutter seal system takes a two-stage approach in directing contaminates away from the bearings providing longer bearing life. GXP’s Gutter Seal design also reduces friction, 35% less drag than previous versions, improving rider feel and performance. Gutter seal system has deeper installation tool grooves which provide stability and support while applying torque to the adapter cups. SRAM'S design and material choice have dropped 15g out.

  • PressFit cuts weight.
  • Easier installation by allowing you to press the bearing cups into the frame.
  • GXP compatible.
  • Easy installation.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: 00.6415.033.000 Black BB86 - Road
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