Winter Training

Winter Training

The clocks have changed. The evenings are dark and for a while the daylight hours shorter and shorter each day. As winter progresses though the light at the end of the tunnel emerges.

Your activity over the coming months will play a big part in defining your cycling in the new year. Are you a winter gym bunny? Avid Zwifter? Hardened soul getting the miles in in all weather? Or simply planning on getting away to sunnier climbs?

Cycling training is all about balance, probably even more so during the winter months if only because of the mental element that many understandably can find difficult. The pro's are often able to get away for training camps and regularly have team get-togethers for warm weather training - often though winter cycling sun is only a short respite for the weekend warrior.

Personal maintenance and bike maintenance during the winter months is very important. For help and guidance maintaining your Ride FIRE bike simply drop us a message. Ride FIRE owners can also receive advice through Club Ride Fire via our friends at CHAMPION


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