Our History

Whilst working together within a UCI Team our founders discovered they shared a passion to establish a brand and create their own legacy within the cycling world. On the back of a vast array of knowledge and experience, our aim is to develop and deliver products that are well considered, refined, continuously improved and impactful. In addition we know that to a cyclist a bike is not just an object, through ownership we get access to a world that makes us feel special, bikes are emotive objects, they have personality. This is why at Ride Fire our ethos is to bring back the excitement to the experience of both buying and owning, something often lost in today’s online world.  

As we grow, we do so through the continued collaboration with employees, partners and networks that share this passion and believe in our philosophy. 

Despite our collective experience we know how critical it is to continue to learn, look for new and smarter ways to do things, take feedback and input from all angles and be open to new ideas so we can grow and continue to deliver great products and great experiences.